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Lexussplayhouse.com is currently in the process of switching credit card processors. If you Joined the website before April 24th 2019 then you are on the old system. That means your members access is controlled by CCBill. Please click on the CCBill link to access the members area.


If you signed up to the website before April 24th 2019. You are on the old system, please login with this link. The old system is no longer in use and we are upgrading to another credit card processor. When your subscription expires please subscribe again on the new and improved system. Click this link to access members area.


This is the new access to the members area.

If you subscribed after April 24th 2019 you can only access the members area through this link. In time this will be the only way to enter the members area. Access coming soon!

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience but the change is better for every one. New videos are coming and being uploaded every week. So once you subscribe, stay subscribe. I love and appreciate all my fans! I love you guys! We taking over!